Meet our fine team of Professional, Certified, Life Coaches


Kwinten M. Kemp, LPC

Kwinten is a licensed professional counselor and holds a masters degree in mental health counseling.

He has studied and employs research backed methods of guiding people through weight management coaching. He also has additional training in treating eating disorders, over eating, emotional eating, and obesity. He is a Certified Therapeutic Weight Management Specialist. He was the first clinician in Utah to tackle the psychology of emotional eating in a fitness camp setting. He has spearheaded work in helping clients work through the underlying emotional struggles that many times underpin weight and body image problems.  He has provided his clinical support to various wellness programs and Spas such as TurningLeaf Wellness Center, The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge (now Movara), Green Valley Spa, Utah’s Live in Fitness Camp, Premier Fitness Camp, and One Fitness Camp. Kwinten has also co-hosted numerous fitness retreats. He and his wife, Gina, founded The Greater You, Inc in order to support the health, wellness, and weight loss efforts of people around the globe.  Kwinten is a avid reader and consumes as much cutting edge literature on his areas of expertise as possible. Kwinten also runs a private practice for counseling in beautiful Park City, Utah where he works with couples, teens, and families in the area providing a wide scope of services. He enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys martial arts, mountain biking, snow boarding, and the out doors.

Gina Kemp

Personal Trainer and Body Appreciation Coach

Gina M. Kemp is a Certified Personal Trainer (A.C.E.)  She is also a talented Life Coach, having been in the industry for the last 10 years.  Gina has also contributed significantly to developing our programs and has gone through her own journey of overcoming eating disorders.  Her joyful nature is contagious.  Her positivity is inspiring.  She enjoys learning, studying her fields of expertise regularly.  Her friendly nature and vast knowledge base make her coaching and training transformative.

Gina Kemp
Melissa Headshot

Melissa Rourke, CES, CPT, CEG, ME-NC

Lead Body Appreciation Coach

Melissa is a uniquely driven, independent, and self-motivated woman. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, graduating with distinction in her major. She then earned a law degree from Georgetown University. Over the years her jobs have included White House Intern for then-Vice President Gore, and legal extern at the Washington State Supreme Court. Until 2011, she was a successful environmental lawyer in Washington State.  She now devotes herself full time to her coaching and training clients.

Despite her accomplishments, Melissa struggled with her weight as a child, teenager, and into her adult life. She tried different diets on occasion, but was never able to achieve sustained weight loss. She was on the rowing team in high school and college. She loved the feeling of being an athlete, but her issues with weight and body image kept her from reaching her full potential in the sport. Over time, her weight continued to climb.

Melissa knows first hand what it is like to try to achieve significant weight loss and fitness goals while maintaining a full time, demanding career. She used to feel as though she had no time to eat well or work out. Developing her own personalized fitness, wellness, and eating program has been key for her. Additionally, learning to manage emotions without turning to food is integral. She believes strongly in dropping the deprivation and “diet” mentality and instead creating a fit lifestyle from the inside out. She loves helping her clients figure out how to optimize their program to make it work for them as individuals.

As a Lead Body Appreciation Coach, Melissa has achieved the highest level of training and certification offered by The Greater You. She is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a NASM certified trainer, and a graduate of both the National Personal Training Institute, and Coach U’s Core Essentials Program (CEG).  Melissa has taken a wide range of certifications including Functional Range Conditioning, Training for Warriors Levels 1&2, Dax Moy's Mind Map & Body Map Certifications, Precision Nutrition Levels 1&2, and many more.  Melissa is the co-author of The Greater You’s fitness and nutrition planning workbook, Create Your Greater You: Design Your Fit Lifestyle. Find out more about Melissa and her journey at dtrcoaching.com

Melissa looks forward to meeting you and helping you reach your own goals!

Chris Tittle, ACMHC

Chris has a masters degree in mental health counseling and is a certified life coach.

Chris is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (or ACMHC). He is also an LGBT affirming therapist and is a member of the Utah LGBT Therapist Guild. He has researched and employs the concepts and techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to identify thoughts and behaviors that are not helpful to our mental health. He also subscribes to the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which includes accepting ourselves and our struggles and committing to living life according to our values, even when life gets hard. He uses these and other philosophies to create an insight orientated approach to therapy. He has found that this therapeutic approach works very well with the majority of clients.

Chris works with adults and adolescents who are experiencing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, he is working with couples to help them find healthy ways to work on their relationships. Chris is also working on a Life Coach Certification with an emphasis on helping clients who struggle with weight and body image.

For more information on Chris, visit his website at www.mycounselorchris.com.


Jennifer Sisk

Life Coach

Jennifer is a very motivated woman with high energy and a positive attitude. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina.  She taught kindergarten for seven years. She transitioned to raising two sons for the next 12 years. At age 40, she began her personal journey to better health. Meeting Kwinten Kemp from The Greater You was central in her change of lifestyle. She received her Life Coaching certification through The Greater You. She now devotes herself fulltime to her life coaching and changing lives.

Jennifer struggled with her weight from childhood through adulthood. She recovered from a binge eating disorder that claimed over 30 years of her life. She worked tirelessly through therapy, consistency, hard work and bravery to overcome her lifelong struggles. Her passion is to help others do the same.  She believes she has come face-to-face with some of the most severe struggles in weight loss and body image and has come out on “the other side”. Jennifer believes that when you change your thoughts, you change your world. She believes when you remove the layers we are all human with fears and crutches. Her job is to help you find your inner strength and power to face fears and bust through barriers.

Jennifer is looking forward to helping you. To set up an appointment with Jennifer, please contact The Greater You, Inc. at (435) 608-1417 or at admin@thegreateru.com .